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Information for 2014 HSB Artists


Note change of dates for installation of works below. This shorter period for installation will allow our site supervisor to check your installation meets safety requirements.

16 Sep 2013 Site selection meeting at The Cedars, bring something to eat and drink, and a hammer to set your location peg
21 Jan 2014 Start of sculpture installations
26 Jan 2014 Installations conclude
3 Feb 2014 Works photographed for catalogue and web page
23 Feb 2014 Opening Event
27 Apr 2014 Exhibition closes
28 Apr 2014 De-installation and collection of works



The Heysen Sculpture Biennial is open to all artists. All types, forms and sizes of sculpture, in all materials are eligible to be considered for entry to HSB with regard to the safety requirements. All artworks must be available for the duration of the exhibition and must be installed by 26 Jan 2014 for catalogue photography. HSB has the right to reproduce images and artist statements for marketing, media release and documentation purposes. No alterations to the catalogue information will be accepted after the close of entries. Works that appear to be unsafe or which are inconsistent with the artist’s proposal may be excluded from the exhibition.


One artist may be selected for a solo exhibition opportunity at the Hahndorf Academy during the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The Most Popular Works voted by visitors will be announced at the end of the exhibition.


All sculptures will be located within designated outdoor areas on The Cedars property. We encourage all artists to meet on site at The Cedars property on 16 Sep 2013 for site selection and to discuss installation. Artists who are not able to attend the onsite meeting can communicate with the site coordinator via telephone or email. While all efforts will be made to accommodate the artist’s preferred site it is at the Committee’s discretion to require an alternate site. This will be done with artist advisement.


No signage is permitted by an artist at the sculpture unless prior approval has been given by the HSB committee. This includes advertising, business cards, catalogues or promotional material.


Proposed works should make a minimal impact on the site and will not effect the environment or path in any lasting way ie no permanent fixings, marking, drilling into rocks or cutting-back trees. It is prohibited to attach anything to the white gums nor to any buildings. Do not use wire or nails on any tree.


The artwork should be entirely safe for placement in an outdoor public environment. The HSB committee reserves the right to withdraw or relocate any entry deemed unsuitable or dangerous to the public, prior to or during the exhibition with artist advisement. Please consider that your sculpture may be exposed to very strong winds, rain, sun and human interaction and select materials and method of installation accordingly.


It is a condition of exhibiting that artists comply with the agreed methods of installation that was documented in their application submission. No selected site is to be changed without consultation with the committee. Artwork is to be removed by 28 Apr 2014, or at a later date with prior approval by the committee. Exhibitors are responsible for the transport, installation, removal and insurance of their own work


The 2014 HSB takes place during the season of bushfire danger. All fire safety regulations must be strictly adhered to. The use of angle grinders, welding equipment or other spark emitting devices is prohibited on site. The Cedars property will be closed on days of Catastrophic Fire Danger rating and no sculpture installation will take place then.


All artworks must be for sale. Artworks entered must be the original work of the artist, are the property of the artist and do not infringe on any third party rights. The sale price recorded on the entry form will remain fixed for the duration of the exhibition. Artworks entered as a series with pieces for individual sale must be clearly identified and priced. Artists will be notified in event of the sale of their works.


Commission is 30% of the advertised price. At time of sale a deposit of 30% will be collected by HSB, with full payment to be received from the buyer prior to collection of the artwork. Payment to artists will be completed within 30 days of the close of the exhibition.


If an artist sells their work but does not provide their ABN then HSB may be required by the Australian Taxation Office to withhold 46.5% from the payment for that supply. This may not apply if the supplier is an individual who has provided a Statement by a Supplier to HSB. More information is available from the Australian Taxation Office website http://www.ato.gov.au/content/38509.htm Link to a downloadable Statement by a Supplier form from the Australian Taxation Office http://www.ato.gov.au/content/downloads/BUS38509n3346_5_2012.pdf

If appropriate, please post the completed and signed ATO forms to: 2014 Heysen Sculpture Biennial, PO Box 301 Hahndorf, SA 5245


All artworks are exhibited at the artist’s risk. HSB will take all care but will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to artworks. It is recommended that artists insure their work against damage and theft.


The HSB committee is the sole owner of the information collected from the entry forms and any other information submitted, and will not sell, share, or rent this information to others except for the sole purpose of advertising or promoting the 2014 HSB. The HSB committee has the right to reproduce images of the sculpture to be exhibited provided by the artist and any images of the work in the exhibition for the exhibition catalogue, publicity, advertising or archival purposes in any manner connected with the exhibition or its sponsors. The HSB committee will acknowledge the artist.

The artists' contact person is Sally Wickes: sally.w@heysenbiennial.com.au

The site supervisor for installations is Ron Rowe: ronrowe@mac.com