Heysen Sculpture Biennial B1 - 2000

Homage to Nature - during the Adelaide Festival of Arts

List of artists:

Kym AFFORD | Donna BRINK-REID | Warwick CANNON | Penny CHOATE | Lersley CLARKE | Robin EADEN | Andrea NUM GLOVER | Val GRAPETIN | Rita HALL | Helen LYONS | Felicity MARTIN | Donald RICHARDSON

Penny Choate

Imposing my Order on Nature, Clay, bark, gravel and linen.


This works inspiration came from some bark naturally lined up in a quite orderly manner a bit beyond this depression. I have just made a more orderly pattern using all natural materials which can be - and are meant to be - resumed by nature.

Even the very proper linen cloth and tea - cup (unfired hand - built clay made by Liz Williams) will soon decompose.

I hope my order is at ease with nature who has, by the way, already had her say in decomposing this work in a recent rain -storm. It just happened a bit sooner and more violently than I had envisaged, but still in time for me to rebuild with a little help from my friends

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Donald Richardson

Egg, Recycled timber, 2000

Wood is a natural organic material, but milling and planing it for use in industry necessarily gives it an inorganic form.

In my sculpture, traditional carpentering techniques are used to make visual metaphors of natural organic forms out of recycled, processed building timber.

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Andrea Num Glover

Fire Hoop with Dead Fish, Stainless steel, cane, red, yellow and blue binding, three dried fish. 2000

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Warrick CANNON

Lersley CLARKE





Felicity MARTIN

No image or information remains about their work in the 2000 Heysen Sculpture Biennial.

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