2010 Heysen Sculpture Biennial B5

21 February - 30 April, 2010

Opened by Hon John Hill, MP


The 2010 Heysen Sculpture Biennial was a finalist for the Adelaide Fringe Award for the 'Best Exhibition By A Collective'. Congratulations and thank you to all artists, Alison Brown and Allan Campbell for your efforts in making the show such a success.

The opening was a great gathering and celebration of the Biennial with over 340 people attending.

The 2010 Heysen Sculpture Biennial B5 is on for the 5th occasion, during the Adelaide Festival of the Arts and the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Installations and sculpture by 25 Adelaide and Hills artists show their response to 'Homage to Nature' in the landscape and property of famous landscape painter Hans Heysen at Hahndorf.

The work will be on show for a period of 2 months after the Fringe ends, allowing more people to view the work. Most works are for sale.


Image - Digeridoo played by Jerry Thompson

List of Artists

Kym AFFORD | Donna BRINK-REID | Penny CHOATE | Paul CULLEN | Karen GENOFF | Ian HAMILTON | John HAYWARD | Kon HEYER | Margie HOOPER | Greg JOHNS | David KERR | Gerry KING | Pamela KOUWENHOVEN | Max LYLE | Gavin MALONE | Andrea NUM GLOVER | Andrew PARISH | Will POWRIE | Colin ROGERS | Ron ROWE | Peter SYNDICAS | Westley TULLLY | Liz WILLIAMS | John WOOD | Trevor WREN


Three is too Many, Welded steel and net. $3,000

I am deeply concerned at the way we are plundering the earth, a finite resource, as if there is no tomorrow. We face ultimate collapse without immediate changes to our lifestyles . Website

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Eagle Eyrie, Sticks, bark, cotton

'Waiting for Nourishment' This sculpture of bark, sticks and cotton symbolizes the cycle for life on Earth


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Shakey Ladders, Mixed media, wood, rope, plastic, wire, bamboo. N.F.S.

For various reasons these ladders should be climbed upon with caution.


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These Hands, Sheet aluminium, concrete, paper P.O.A

These hands were given trust.
These hands crush our earth.
These hands consume with unquenchable thirst.
These hands are yours.

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Another Strange Country, Old fence palings from my childhood home, 170 cm high. $4,000

Image: They've moved on, Old fence palings from my childhood home, 170 cm high. $4,000

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Out of the Forest Come..., Eucalyptus branches, wire, paper-mache, sawdust, oil

"Art happens the way a bird flies, or sings, or makes a nest" Milton Moon

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Ceremony, Wood, TV remotes, and collected materials. $190 each item

This work pays homage to human nature through the nightly ceremony of the TV remote ritual.

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Radial and detail, Metal and Jarrah, $3,500

This sculpture evolved from a discarded silo stand. The strands or rays branching out from its core, symbolise what can commonly be observed in nature.  


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Totem Shrouds, Acrylic, wool, angora, home spun wood from pet sheep, woven cotton and quilted elastin; wooden sticks. 1.8 x 10 metres

What is friendship? It is a group of dedicated women who gather together to knit, spin, weave and quilt cheerful shrouds for the environment. No trees were harmed during this project.


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Seaing The Land - Feeling The Land [Shedding Figure], is from a series derived from a felt, symbolic and observed reading of the Australian landscape


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David KERR

Homage, An assemblage of cafeteria chairs, POA

This work explores the notion of all life as a continual assemblage and reassemblage of stuff. Stacking is the specific feature of this piece, Homage. The homage being made is to one of Heysen's candlebark gums, a magnificent assemblage of matter in the far corner of the Cedars property.

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Gerry KING

Uncertain Memories, Glass and building materials, $12,000

The present is not necessarily sound evidence of that which was. A given landscape view may mask rather than reveal what previously stood on that hill or beside this creek.


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Stomp, Rusted metal drums, 5m x 3m x 1m high

Squashed and rusted drums, once containing herbicide for weed control, return slowly back to earth.

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Eco-Gate, Bamboo and Robina wood from the Heysen property. 4.6 metres high, other dimensions variable. $3,500

The "split gate" of Balinese origin is used to refer to the divisive nature for humanity when facing the seemingly increased ecological problems evident ina changing world.

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I yield, unless, River Redgum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, acrylic, banknotes. 85 x 35 x 35cm $1,320


1. to give forth or produce by a natural process

2. to give a return

3. to give up or surrender

4. to give way to influence, or the like

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Twilight - Please enter via the exit, Canvas tent and mixed media: metal, plastic, permanent pen, wood, chair and light. POA

Detail Shangri-la revisited

Queue on Opening night

"It is here, in Shangri-la, where destinies will be discovered and the meaning of paradise unveiled"

Shangri-la - the poetic name for 'exit' - as stars go out one by one - ping!

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Life Sentence, Salvaged steel objects. Price by negotiation

'My work comments on the arrival of European settlers and there influence upon the indigenous lands.'


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Photon Trapper, Mixed metals, glass. $2,200

During the making process the intercellular world of plants came to mind. A domain populated by floating organelles absorbing light photons and transforming them into chemical gold, the building blocks of life.

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Kookaclock, Timber, $1,400

Continuing destruction of habitat means that time is running out for Australian native birdlife. Combining an iconic Australian bird with an iconic timepiece was fairly obvious.

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Ant Nest, Red gum timber, clay and marble chips. 3 metres diameter x 1.5 high. SOLD, in the collection of the Heysen Estate Sculpture Park

Ant Nest 2, Timber, clay and marble chips. 3 metres diameter x 40cm high. 2010

'Ant Nests' are new installations that has been ongoing since the early 90's, in a variety of media about anthills
This is a homage to the many thousands of anthills that reside in the northern half of Australia.

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Four Mile Beach, Origin of twig, Port Douglas QLD. Bronze cast $6,410

Peter Syndicas is obsessed with fractals - infinite patterns replicated throughout all forms of nature. From cracks in the earth, to human arteries and the palms of our hands. He sculpts the forms found in twigs primarily as it enables him to view these fractals from the widest perspective. Defining abstract human forms within his twigs he enables the viewer to observe them from a different perspective. He then magnifies these forms, and immortalises them in bronze. A stark contrasts to the fragile nature of these delicate twigs, some no larger that a few centimetres in length.


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Westley TULLY

Survivors, Savaged and discarded materials. N.F.S.

'Survivors' is an ode to all those who have survived adversity.


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Taking the Air, Clay, $8,000

I am curious to see my work in the natural environment

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Flow, Bronze - patinated, painted, plated $7,500

The sculpture refers to growth and energy, the flow of water or life force through landscape in a vertical motif reminiscent of the growth pattern of vegetation.

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Trevor WREN

Chime, Sand cast aluminium, $300 each

High in the hills a group of Cocos Palm pods dangle amongst the Hawthorne bushes waiting for the summer breeze so they can signal their relatives on the Adelaide plains.

Rhythm, Plastic irrigation pipe, 5m diameter. POA

Art, A proper relation and interdependence of parts with reference to one another and to an artistic whole.

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