2014 Heysen Sculpture Biennial Exhibition

27 February - 23 April 2014

The 2014 Heysen Sculpture Biennial was opened by Tracy Lock, Curator of Australian Paintings & Sculpture, Art Gallery of South Australia.

Read Dr Christine Nicholls' review of the 2014 Heysen Sculpture Biennial in The Conversation. The Committee also greatly appreciates Dr Nicholls' documentation of this year's exhibition in the catalogue essay.

All photos by Daniel Cazzolato Photography unless stated otherwise

List of Artists

Silvio APPONYI | David ATKINS | Laurie BLAKEWATER | Nic BROWN | Margit BRÜNNER | Jan CLIFFORD | Rick CLISE | Sandra CROSS | Quentin GORE | Kon HEYER | Gail HOCKING | Penn HOUSMANN | Greg JOHNS | David KERR | Pamela KOUWENHOVEN | Diana LAIDLAW | Stephen LLOYD | Melanie MANSER | Ray MEANDERING | John NELSON | Andrea NUM GLOVER | Chris ORMEROD | Geoff OVERHEU | Astra PARKER | Sophia PHILLIPSHelen PRINTER | Ron ROWE | Deborah SLEEMAN | Evette SUNSET | Peter SYNDICAS | Westley TULLY | Clancy WARNER | Perry WARREN | Egbert WELLMANN | Sally WICKES | John WOOD | James WORTH


Pelican in stone by Silvio Apponyi

Pelican 2011

 I am constantly surprised by the variety of bird-life I see in the Adelaide Hills, even black swans and pelicans.

 Angaston marble - 40h x 96w x 44d cm $17,800

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Nest Insight in concrete and twigs by David Atkins

Nest Insight 2014

  • 'We have
  • a microscopic anatomy
  • of the whale
  • this
  • gives
  • Man
  • assurance'

 William Carlos Williams.

 Reinforced concrete, twigs - 200h x 100w x 100d cm $6,000

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Wilbur (and his winning ways) in painted wood, water and glass

Wilbur (and his winning ways) 2013

We and Wilbur are here and not here, evanescent, changing, finally disappearing. We come and go like mystery, like magic, but are only here at all, surviving as a species, because Wilbur keeps giving. Keep giving Wilbur, you're our only hope.

16mm ply coated with coloured Megapoxy, glass, paint and water - 150h x 65w x 60d cm $980

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Forestal (version 2) by Nic Brown in painted eucalyptus logs and ply panel

Forestal (version 2) 2013-14


  1. of, relating to or living in a large wooded area with a thick growth of trees
  2. of or relating to the trees of a forest
  3. of or relating to an area planted with exotic pines or similar trees
  4. of or relating to something resembling a large wooded area

Collins English Dictionary

Water-soluble oil on salvaged eucalyptus logs with ply panel - 160h x 120w x 48d cm $4950

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Sonic Trees - an installation and drawings by Margit Brünner

Sonic Trees 2014

My works explore states of joy by way of artistic experiment. A 'joy' is when the body starts doing things to my own surprise and thoughts disappear. In all of my works, I am interested in this particular presence - an intimate, expansive experience of being immersed in place.

Installations/drawings - $600

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Agglomeration - rock shapes from Cassytha pubescens by Jan Clifford

Agglomeration 2013

Rock agglomerates form into shapes which are at once coherent and chaotic, as does everything in nature. These weavings use a native parasitic vine to reflect the apparently random yet meaningful motifs we constantly discover in both the animate and the inanimate environment.

Cassytha pubescens - 250h x 90w x 100d cm $1,800

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Welded and painted steel, muslin and expanding foam sculpture - It became personal - Catharsis by Rick Clise

It became personal - Catharsis 2014

Despite thorough preparations and the best precautions, bad things happen. We must not immediately blame terrorists as sometimes it's just fate. 2013 was my bad year. Move on, be strong, beacuse there's a lot of life to live.

Welded and painted steel, muslin, expanding foam - 210h x 140w x 40d cm $12,500

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Sandra CROSS

Dissolution by Sandra Cross, acrylic mirrors and cable

Dissolution 2014

My work explores permeability and openness, using installations to investigate being and the role of boundaries in shaping thought. In earlier works I have formed carpets of mirror pieces, reflecting the sky. Here the carpet is vertical, concentrating on the intersection between the patterns, the reflections, and the space between.

Acrylic mirror, cable - 300h x 200w cm $10,000

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Quentin GORE

Legacy by Quentin Gore, hardwood railway sleepers and mild steel

Legacy 2013

Heysen was a dedicated conservationist and protector of the gums of the district but sadly many magnificent gums were felled to build our towns and railways. The struggle between progress and conservation continues. This work provokes further debate about this struggle and pays respect to this visionary artist and conservationist.

Hardwood railway sleepers and mild steel - 30h x 850w x 850d cm $9,800

Installing Legacy on YouTube

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In memory of trees by Kon Heyer, eucalypt wood and metal

In memory of trees 2013

My sculptures are abstract in style. The process is both intuitive and rational, driven by emotion and energy. There is always the element of surprise in my work. Chance, accident and incident, all play an integral part. It's like taking a dive into the unknown to see what comes up

Eucalypt wood and metal - 120h x 200w cm $7,000

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The Prescence of Absence by Gail Hocking, chair, natural materials

The Presence of the Absence 2014

Presence of Absence is developed through a series of works concerning self-navigation that references memory, loss and longing. Pine needles evoke an insatiable need to remember. The transience of the traveller's case is replaced with the monumental, as a ceramic-cast suitcase burrows downwards into the earth. I wait I adapt.

Wooden chair, pine needles, bone, animal hide, concrete, leather handle. Chair - 100h x 40w cm $3,500 Suitcase - 59h x 81w cm $1,500

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Moonrise Harvest by Penn Housmann, vine cuttings, woollen yarn and bamboo coils

Moonrise Harvest 2012

Moonrise Harvest, organic in creation and structure, from vine cuttings and woollen yarn hopes to capture the promise of Mother Earth's offerings, past and present. Moon waxing and waning; lunar phases, fertile times for the land; waking to its fecundity. Harvest rich in gatherings; ritual honouring of the land.

Vine cuttings, woollen yarn, bamboo coils - 105h x 100w x 30d cm $770

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Horizon Figure by Greg Johns, corten steel and ironstone

Horizon Figure 2009

The broad horizons and broken stone country of our landscape have impacted this work.

Corten steel, ironstone - 210h x 427w x 6d cm $45,000

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David KERR

Talking Turkey by David Kerr, recycled plastic chairs

Talking Turkey 2013-14

Talking Turkey is a reference to the known affection Hans Heysen had for his animals, and turkeys in particular. They appeared in his paintings and drawings with regularity. I think the context around Heysen and his turkeys presents an interesting perspective on what is native and natural. I also like the association with turkeys when referring to frank discussion, it sits well with art.

Recycled plastic chairs - 200h x 200w x 300d cm $6,500

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In Thrall by Pamela Kouwenhouven, rusted wire

In Thrall 2011

Bound and staked to land in another time and another place, bundles of rusted fencing wire languish in a farm dump until retrieved for a higher design where they rise up once more in a grand salute.

Rusted wire - 200h x 300w cm POA

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Rain 1, Rain 2, Rain 3 by Diana Laidlaw, ceramic tiles and glass shapes mosiac

Rain 1, Rain 2, Rain 3 2013-14

My three Poles have been inspired by the wonders of rain. I love the challenge of exploring the age-old tradition of mosaic, with a contemporary twist. Since 2007 I have staged 3 solo exhibitions (all a sell out success) and completed a steady stream of commissions.

Ceramic tiles, glass shapes (many made by the Jam Factory) - 245h x 13.5w cm $1,900 each or $5,200 the set

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Stephen LLOYD

A Stitch in Time by Stephen Lloyd, copper, rope, steel rod, clay and paint

A Stitch in Time 2013

A Stitch in Time speaks of looking after our world in small steps. The timely intervention can pay big dividends. Each person's maintenance of our environment is critical and ongoing and not to be left for others to solve.

Copper, rope, steel rod, clay and paint - 300h x 400w cm $2,700

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Melanie MANSER

Still Stones Standing by Melanie Manser, clay, oxides, limestone

Still Stones Standing 2004 & 2010

Based on the ancient henges dotted throughout Britain, this work contemplates the original purpose of henges as places of ritual, gathering, refuge, community and celebration, juxtaposed with the reverence and quiet solitude of stone and circles as works of art.

Clay, oxides, limestone - 300 cm diameter (flexible to suit spaces) $4,565

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Heysen's Galliformes by Ray Meandering, discarded piano keys, man-made and natural materials

Heysen's Galliformes 2014

Ray Meandering explores the cultural and natural overlays of place at The Cedars to create Heysen's Galliformes a site-specific sculptural interpretation inspired by domestic images depicted in Hans Heysen's 1921 watercolour Bronzewings and Saplings.... Worked with discarded materials Ray's pianoforte turkey flock displays its domestic connections in belonging to place.

Discarded pianoforte keys, man-made and natural materials - 120h x 70w x 30d cm $2,500

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The Ultimate Recycle Cycle by John Nelson, bronze and cement

The Ultimate Recycle Cycle 2013

Ancient Egyptians imagined that scarabs (dung-beetles) roled the sun across the sky each day. In our present age however, our failure of earth-stewardship presents such cosmic dung-beetles with a much less happy role.

Bronze and cement - 50h x 75w x 45d cm $7,300

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Postcard Specimens - genii in jars by Andrea Num Glover, mixed materials

Postcard Specimens - genii in jars 2-14

Julie Robinson 1992 states: '(Heysen) made drawings on scraps of paper, backs of bills, on envelopes, on invitations, whatever was at hand when there was an urgent need to record an image'. These drawings became his stockpile of ideas.

Polyurethane, old glass specimen jars, genies, paper, collage, wood, canvas, metal - 140h x 110d cm POA

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Ailsa, this is water by Chris Ormerod, in painted mild steel

Ailsa, this is water 2013

A speech by the writer David Foster Wallace struck a chord and led to several conversations with family members about choices and directions that people make throughout their lives.

Mild steel, paint - 270h x 110w x 110d cm $3,500

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Gates of Reason by Geoff Overheu, in bronze and polyethylene

Gates of Reason 2012

The bronze bas-reliefs are based on Radio National interviews, stories and news that were broadcast between 10am and 2pm weekdays over a certain period. They were selected randomly and made concrete. They allow the viewer to create their own narratives, where experiences and imagination collide with the wonder of radio.

Bronze and cement - 90h x 240w x 120d cm x 6 $24,000

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Duae, by Astra Parker, in mild steel

Duae 2013

Duae is two feminine receptive forms who stand together holding both form and emptiness.

Bronze and cement - 200h x 149w x 90d cm $9,000

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Definitely Something by Sophia Phillips, in porcelain

Definitely Something 2013

This work stems from my childhood fascination with creatures in the garden that were both sinister and beautiful. I am interested in how curiosity counters fear, and the boundaries between beauty and disgust.

Porcelain - 15h x 60w x 60d cm $450

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Woman Struggling with Herself #2 by Helen Printer in hay, nylon, polystyrene and found objects

Woman Struggling with Herself #2 2008 - 2014

The art of balance. The dance of life. This piece is dedicated to my sister Jane.

Meadow hay, nylon bindertwine, polystyrene, steel, found objects - 185h x 165w x 100d cm POA

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Relics Rising by Ron Rowe, in bronze and red gum timber

Relics Rising 2014

Rising Relics is a group of 5 sculptures that are from a series of 13 works that deal with the regeneration of red gum trees and relics in a monolithic way. They emerge from the earth and sprout from the ground echoing regrowth to the immediate environment.

Bronze and red gum timber - 180h x 150w x 25d cm $3,333

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Lovers by Deb Sleeman, in pressed tin, copper and steel


My work searches for gaps in which to create a dialogue between the intangible connections and commonalities of people and the natural world rather than our separation from it.

Pressed tin, copper, steel - 160h x 200w x 150d cm $7,500

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Fellow Travellers by Evette Sunset, in bracken fern, wood and bark

Fellow Travellers 2014

Returning to her first site here 6 years ago the sculptor incorporates remnant forms, calling attention to the continuity of all life streaming on. Fellow Travellers include all creatures, humans and plants, from fresh to aged, courageous or timid; the maimed, powerful and the poetic, the broken-hearted and the joyous

Bracken fern, wood, bark - 250h x 500w x 2000L cm NA

Photo supplied by the artist

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Beneath the Shady Pool by Peter Syndicas, in woven and welded stainless steel rods on a marble base

Beneath the Shady Pool

This sculpture is a copy of a delicate twig collected from the very spot in which it stands. Formed by this environment, uniquely linked to this origin. Beneath the Shady Pool pays homage to my fellow gum tree enthusiast and arguably one of its greatest patrons - Hans Heysen.

Woven and welded stainless steel rods on a marble bas - 180h x 80w x 40d cm $2,000

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Westley TULLY

Hybrid #1 by Westley Tully, in marine pylon end, cast iron base, reclaimed jetty nails

Hybrid #1 2014

The influences for this work come from agave and cactus plants as introduced and seen around historic and abandoned farms and ruins in outback and country Australia.

Marine pylon end, cast iron base, reclaimed jetty nails - 110h x 45w x 46d cm $3,600

Photo supplied by HSB

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Ghost Dingoes by Clancy Warner, in barbed wire and steel

Ghost Dingoes 2014

Ghost Dingoes portrays a species on the brink of extinction. Dingoes, Australia's native dogs, are top order predators; they are needed to balance this fragile eco-system. Within the next 50 years the pure blooded Dingo will vanish unless things change.

Barbed wire and steel - 75h x 450w x 150d cm (dimensions variable) $3,200 or individually $635 small x 2, $750 large x 3

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Riley the homeless polar bear by Perry Warren, in Mt Gambier stone

Riley the homeless polar bear 2014

The sea ice of the Arctic is home to the polar bear. Their population is in decline. Climate change is shrinking their habitat and with it their way of life, the ice flows are getting ever smaller!

Mt Gambier stone - 80h x 140w x 90d cm $5,000

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Cirkiz by Egbert Wellmann, in mild steel

Cirkiz 2012

In our everyday environment things define our spaces. When travelling through the Australian outback I experienced that it can be the opposite: Out there space dominated the things. Out of this experience I have developed the idea to get the element of space involved in the design of my sculptures.

Mild steel - 110 - 120h cm $2,400 each figure

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Cadmium Yellow by Sally Wickes, in Mt Gambier dolomite/limestone

Cadmium Yellow 2014

Inspired by the iconic fruit that reappears throughout art styles from van Gogh to Warhol as both metaphor and symbol of mastery.

Mt Gambier dolomite/limestone - 80h x 57w x 39d cm $1,870

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Tree Memories by John Wood, in steel and timber

Tree Memories 2013

Tree Memories refers to the experiences that all trees contain within their structure, the layers of seasons that reflect the larger trends of climate change and yearly events. I hope this work makes viewers consider how the history of trees' lives tell a story of the ever-changing environment and their interaction with it.

Steel and timber - 200 diameter x 4d cm $3,000

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Solstice by James Worth, in corten steel

Solstice 2013

Solstice, symbolic of the connection between land, sun and people.

Boxed 3mm Corten steel- 220h x 100w x 8d cm Weight 230kg $12,000

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